Fahad Group Defence Solutions

Aug 14, 2016


Description: Firepower - mobility - protection: the three key aspects of any fighting vehicle. Fahad Group Defense Solutions boast the highest levels of all three.

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder

Aug 10, 2016


Description: Fahad Group delivers innovative logistics solutions enabling affordability, effectiveness, and global mission readiness. From modernization and sustainment, to supply chain management, training and simulation, high-technology services and automated test equipment, we offer a full-spectrum of support to meet any mission requirement.

Fahad Group Army Logistics Solutions

Aug 11, 2016


Description: The Army sets up its own self-contained transport networks to deliver whatever is needed, wherever and whenever it is needed.

This takes skilled soldiers and highly specialized vehicles.

Operating in Today's Multi Domain Environment

Aug 16, 2016


Description: Space and Cyberspace are both contested domains. A nations military relies on both for safety, precision and efficiency. A day without space and cyber on the battlefield could mean important missions fail.